Dwight Morrow Alum Visits LPS Speaker Series

On March 18, 2021, Teshawn Warren spoke at the LPS Speaker Series. Mr. Warren is the President of the Englewood Volunteer Ambulance Corps and former Vice President. He has been an EMT in Englewood for over five years, and is currently a Field Training Officer for EMT’s at New Jersey Mobile Health Care. He is a proud graduate of Dwight Morrow High School’s Law and Public Safety Academy.

“As an alumnus of Dwight Morrow High School and of the Law and Public Safety Academy, Teshawn Warren represents a great example of what our students can accomplish with drive and diligence,” LPS Program Manager Janice Acebo said. “Mr. Warren applied his interest in community and leadership all throughout high school, and continued that work in college and now in graduate school,” she added.

Like many current LPS students, Mr. Warren applied for LPS when he was an eighth grader because he always thought he wanted to be a lawyer. However, throughout high school he realized that there were other career paths in law and public safety. He grew especially passionate about policy, procedure, and leadership. 

I liked how relatable Mr. Warren was and how he gave a new perspective for students determining their future careers.

— Hannah Ferrer

“I liked how relatable Mr. Warren was and how he gave a new perspective for students determining their future careers,” sophomore Hannah Ferrer commented. “He has been through the same process we are experiencing now, since he is an alum of DMAE, so it was nice to see someone who understands us. I also like that he gave a new perspective, having a job that’s not related to law, but rather public safety as an EMT,” she added.

Mr. Warren shared why he loves being an EMT, explaining that this career reflects his desire for helping other people and serving his community.

“I learned what an EMT has to go through in their career. I would have never imagined what sort of mindset they need to be in to handle medical emergencies under pressure,” Hannah shared. “I really love how all the speakers so far including Mr. Warren are not the same in any way, but are all passionate in what they do and continue to inspire us students,” she concluded.