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Love Letter to the Class of 2020 & DMAE

Sarah Yang, Co-Editor

June 22, 2020

Time is nothing if not receding.  It pulls back, abruptly and remarkably, before we can even recognize its silent departure, leaving us to frantically grapple with what still remains long after it loses us. Time abandons us too easily, but time also startles us into acknowledging what doesn...

Graduating from Uncertainty

Donghyun Brian Lee, Salutatorian & Co-President, Student Council

June 22, 2020

  Friends, I am filled with both great joy and disappointment to speak before you today. I am excited and enthralled for the diverse and enchanting future ahead of us, but I am disappointed that we close this chapter of our lives called High School on our phones and computers. This, I kn...

Homophobia at DMAE What Can You Do?

Homophobia at DMAE What Can You Do?

Jaeden Williams-Edmonds, Staff Reporter

March 10, 2020

There is widespread homophobia on the DMAE campus. Every day, people on our campus use homophobic language to communicate with others. It seems as if the use of such terms has become normal in our school. In an era when the LGBTQ+ community is portrayed in the media as established, and with the legal...

High School Royalty

Sakthi Sundaram

November 26, 2019

It might be a weird concept to kids that don’t live in America, but for many students that do, homecoming is quite the anticipated date. It’s a topic you might find being discussed in one of those Buzzfeed posts titled, Fifteen Questions Foreigners Have about American High Schools, and if it had not ...

How the #METOO Movement Empowers Us

How the #METOO Movement Empowers Us

Emilia Wesolowski and Rachel Moy

June 20, 2018

Recently, the #METOO movement has exploded with more and more members. The number of women who have been impacted by sexual harassment through unnecessary and inappropriate comments, touching, or manipulation has skyrocketed. Every week another actor, politician, or celebrity is called out by a woman who ha...

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