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Protests in Iran: Is it Time for Change?

Caroline Vasquez December 12, 2022

Mahsa Amini, an Iranian woman who passed away while in police custody has unleashed a wave of public protests that have turned the country on its head. The Iranian government is currently facing backlash...

AE’s Future – Will the Academies Survive?

Mia Madonna May 25, 2022

Ask any alumni of DMHS and The Academies @ Englewood about March Madness and they won’t tell you about basketball! Nope. They’ll tell you about the Million Dollar Game played by qualifying members...

DM vs. AE – Is There Still Racial Divide Between Black and Hispanic  & Asian Students?

DM vs. AE – Is There Still Racial Divide Between Black and Hispanic & Asian Students?

Jaeden Edmonds-Williams February 28, 2022

To answer the question simply, yes. There is still a divide between Black and Hispanic students and Asian students on our campus. But not for the reasons you might expect because this divide doesn’t...

9th Graders: Alone But Hope

9th Graders: Alone But Hope

Jaeden Williams-Edmonds December 21, 2021

CLASS OF 2020 VS. CLASS OF 2025: When people in Englewood refer to the global Covid-19 pandemic and how it has impacted students, they often think of the Class of 2020 that was most adversely affected....

Murphy vs. Ciattarelli: Will Masks Make the Winner?

Murphy vs. Ciattarelli: Will Masks Make the Winner?

Angie Gonzales October 29, 2021

On Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021, New Jersey will be one of two states nationwide holding gubernatorial elections this year. Phil Murphy strives to become the first Democratic governor re-elected in New Jersey...

“Thank You” Letter to DMAE

Krisna Panchal, [email protected] Salutatorian July 20, 2021

I have always had dreams and aspirations that so many told me I couldn’t achieve due to the background from which I came. Both my parents grew up in slums in India and emigrated to the United States...

A Note on our Blue Light Year

Arianne Garcia, Co-Managing Editor July 20, 2021

A skilled cinematographer makes use of color grading, in which hues are edited in post-production, to impart an emotional response through visual means. The best example of effective color grading is in...

Hail and Farewell to the Class of 2021

Tenzin Dhasel, Editor, The Maroon Tribune and [email protected] Valedictorian July 20, 2021

Dear Seniors, It's the end of our senior year, and many of you may have transitioned into the summer mindset, itching for school to end and for life outside of high school to commence. Others, like...

Growing Out, Not Just Up

Emre Ozmemili July 20, 2021

For many of us in this year’s graduating class, it feels like an understatement to say that those giving us advice on our current and upcoming challenges are out-of-touch. Whether we got nudges from...

Bolandi: The Status Quo, or a Leader?

Bolandi: The Status Quo, or a Leader?

Emre Ozmemili May 28, 2021

Englewood’s new Interim Superintendent Ronald Bolandi sat down for a one-on-one interview with the Maroon Tribune to provide insight into the transition, his primary goals, and his philosophy as a tenured...

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