What’s an Andrew Tate?

“He is known for confidently sharing extremist ideas that exhibit toxic masculinity, misogyny, and sexism.”

Andrew Tate is a former kickboxer who rose to fame last summer as an influencer and Internet personality. He quickly went viral for his controversial perspectives on women and how to form “healthy” relationships with them. He is known for confidently sharing extremist ideas that exhibit toxic masculinity, misogyny, and sexism. Tate uses the well-known social media platform TikTok to speak about his beliefs and in doing so, has gained a strong following of men, including teenagers and adults, who share the same opinions as him. His main purpose was to inspire young men and show them how to lead a similar lifestyle and mindset as him.

He has proudly discussed his low opinions of women on various occasions during interviews, TikToks, podcasts, and more. For instance, according to an article by Education Week, he has compared women to dogs, claiming they should not have the privilege to drive, and stated that men should be dominating figures over their female partners. He has also claimed that female victims of rape play a large part in the crime. He believes that elements such as the clothes they were wearing and the way they talk and behave with men contribute to their vulnerability to rape. 

In addition to victim-blaming, he is also known for shaming girls and women based on their sexual lives. In the past, he has referenced the multiple wives of both kings of England and biblical figures in an effort to promote infidelity. However, a 2014 interview revealed his double standards and misogynistic perspectives when he expressed, “Why would you be with a woman who’s not a virgin anyway? She is used goods and second hand.”

Currently, Andrew Tate is incarcerated in Romania on both rape and human trafficking charges. He has been blocked from being able to use and create accounts on multiple social media platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter. Although his previous platforms have been discontinued, his impact on males around the world is long-lasting.

In today’s world, where social media heavily sways the beliefs and actions of many young people, influencers like Andrew Tate take advantage of their platforms to spread harmful ideas. Toxic masculinity, sexism, and misogyny are all rooted in our society, and Andrew Tate is a prime example of how these issues will worsen without proper consequences for his actions.