Senior Wellness Day

Students know better than anyone else the tedium and stress that school brings out, especially when it’s online and amidst a pandemic. For seniors, particularly, the first few months of school brings what seems like never-ending worries with teachers piling on school work and the lengthy list of college applications, so a little break was completely warranted. Friday, November 13, 2020, was dubbed as Senior Wellness Day, a day when seniors had a chance to skip all their classes and take time to focus on themselves and nurture their mental health.

“I participated in Senior Wellness Day because I needed a break from everything going on with tests, homework, and college applications. It was really nice being able to sleep in, relax, and focus on self-care!” senior Khushi Panchal remarked.

This student-sponsored event showed a lot of solidarity and class spirit among seniors. With deadlines for college applications fast approaching, no in-person guidance with the college process, and the constant influx of school work, it’s no wonder that seniors took matters into their own hands to ensure their mental well-being!

Senior Jeo Dela Cruz explained why Wellness Day was so helpful for him: “Senior Skip Day was a really nice and calm day for me. Since it tied to the weekend, it felt like a mini school break. I was able to get some rest and shake off any stress that built up.” 

Seniors truly know the hardships of being on the receiving end of a remote learning and college application environment and often feel the pressure of that work as if it has little-to-no reward.

 In these difficult times, and even far into the future, students, as a whole, have to take initiative and communicate with the powers that be about their needs to ensure their emotional prosperity.