Senior Awards Ceremony


Seniors, parents, and faculty of DMAE assembled for the Senior Awards Ceremony honoring and awarding selected seniors for their hard work and excellence throughout high school. The COVID-19 pandemic prohibited the ceremony from occurring in person. 

Nevertheless, the event took place as a presentation via Zoom hosted by guidance counselor Rachel Cohen on Thurs., June  11, 2020, at 7:30 p.m.  

“I appreciate that the pandemic didn’t stop the school from putting together the ceremony for all seniors to join,” senior Timothy Jung said.

The event was an opportunity for the Class of 2020 to see each other before graduation day. It was a night to remember, uniting seniors again.

I would say that the awards ceremony was an amazing yet incredibly bittersweet night.

— Moussa Myrtil

“I would say that the awards ceremony was an amazing yet incredibly bittersweet night. It was comforting to gather with my peers in celebration one last time before graduation, but there was no denying that much of what makes these events so special was lost,” senior Moussa Myrtil explained.

Instead of the awardees walking up to the stage and physically receiving their awards, each winner was announced on Zoom, some by teacher “presenters.” Regardless, many scholarships were awarded to deserving seniors. The Michael E. Nelson Scholarship was awarded to Timothy Jung and Rashya Richardson, the Lynda Williams Outstanding Outlook Award went to Aaliyah Montgomery, and the Dr. John Grieco Scholarship Awards were given to Shanavya Cooper, De’Andre Vaughn, Sasha Cheek, and Donghyun Brian Lee.

Academic achievement as well as athletic awards and many others were given to diligent, persevering seniors of DMAE. Isaiah Dolphy won the Raider Pride Award and Donghyun Brian  Lee received the Academy Way Award—both for their commitment to the school community. 

“I thought it was an interesting experience and it was nice to get recognized for our achievements throughout our high school years,” senior Chantal Peña Martinez said. 

 Each awardee will receive his or her certificates through the mail.

“While it is unfortunate that the ceremony couldn’t be held live this year, I am glad to have been able to recognize 66 of the students in the senior class for their incredible achievements,” Ms. Cohen said.