Small but Fun Grieco Games


Good old fashioned fun brings people together. I love the energy, the fun, and the purpose…

— Principal Billy Bowie

On Wednesday, May 23, 2018, the Dr. John Grieco Scholarship Fund hosted its annual Grieco Games fundraiser in the Dwight Morrow Gymnasium from 3:30-6:00 p.m. While the Games were planned for late March, the event was postponed due to an unforeseen snow day.

The Games began after school in the gymnasium. The main events this year were dodgeball and basketball. Instead of the usual ping-pong tournament, a volleyball game took place. The Games consisted of match ups between student groups and a single group of teachers.

“Good old fashioned fun brings people together,”  Principal Billy Bowie said. “I love the energy, the fun, and the purpose of raising money for the Dr. John Grieco Scholarship fund.”

Despite its long-awaited arrival, the Grieco Games did not draw much of a crowd.

“Grieco Games this year was weird. Kids talked about them and were all excited, and then on the day of the event not that many people showed,” Grieco Games coordinator Judy Aronson said.

The Dr. John Grieco Scholarship Fund did not raise as much as they had in the previous years, but the group was still able to learn a lot from the event, such as improvements that could be made to ensure higher attendance and higher profit.

“Next year we will change the model. Each quarter of the school year we’re going to hold an open gym night and sell snacks and not form any teams in advance, and kids will have a great time,” Ms. Aronson explained. “So this year, we made a little money but also learned how to make it better.”

Participants still enjoyed their time at the Games because they got to spend time with their friends and compete for the championship title.

“Even though it was really short and we went up against teachers and upperclassmen, the games were pretty fun because I played with friends” sophomore Enrico Cortezano said.

Though the Grieco Games were small, the work of the Scholarship fund and its members cannot be ignored as they continued to raise money for the eight Grieco Scholarships given to DMAE students in June.