Pink Out Brings Out Compassion


There was a sea of pink on October 24, 2014. It wasn’t uncommon to see neon pink shirts, flamingo pink pants, and hot pink lanyards. This day, better known as Pink Out, was dedicated to breast cancer and those who are plagued by this disease.

Student at DMAE wore pink in support of the day. The event, held at Englewood Hospital, was made possible with joint effort from the DMAE Interact Club, a branch of the Rotary Club, and the Nulites (pronounced new lights) of the Urban League for Bergen County.

“All the money that we raised went to mammograms, so people who didn’t have insurance were able to get free mammograms,” said Kiana Martinez-Becerril senior and President of Nulites.Pink Out pic 3

The Interact Club and Nulites provided several guests speakers at the Pink Out event in order to spread awareness about the dangers of breast cancer and the struggle that women and men have with this disease. There was a doctor who provided details and a survivor who told about her fight against the disease.

In between the lectures and life experiences, the clubs provided entertainment through two student singers, Seniors Zeline LaCap and Omarr Kaba, and volunteer musicians from around Englewood.

“We just did what we could to help out with this event. It was for a good cause so I didn’t mind,” said Zeline. “Because of this event many women who suffer from breast cancer can get mammograms done for free.”

Through donations given by teachers of DMAE and students alike, a total of approximately $300 was made through Pink Out. According to Glenda Frasier McGee, the money went to good causes with $150 going to Stride and the other $150 going to the American Cancer Society.

“The Interact Club and the Nulites had a lot of fun planning this whole event out and executing it as well,” exclaimed Kiana. “This was the first year we did Pink Out and hopefully it will be a continued tradition.”