Modern golf was developed in Scotland during the middle ages. However the game did not receive popular attention until the 19th century. At DMAE golf is vey popular with students.

This year golf team members improved. They had four wins, which is a better record than last year, and they were happy about that.

“We went 4 for 10 this year. Even though it was not a winning record, we did do better than last year which made the team and I really happy,” freshman Jonah Bern said.

Not only were members of the golf team proud of their wins, but one member, Ryan Ha, became a visible leader of the team. He was the lowest shooting player on the team which included 15 members.

“The team did better than last year. We all worked hard as a team and that is why we received the record that we have. We all worked as a team and no one believes that one is better than the other,” said junior Ryan Ha with satisfaction.

Coach Andrew Vodofsky was proud of the record this year.

“We had four wins this year but compared to last year that is a success. We worked and played hard and that’s why we had four wins. I am very proud of my team and I am looking forward to coaching next year,” Coach Vodofsky said.

The DMAE golf team is looking to expand the team next year with incoming freshman and hopes that there may even be a new golf star on the horizon.