Rising HOSA Council Eager for New Changes


Julianne Jeon

Zumba fundraising sessions. Mock tests for competitions. These are some of the ideas that the upcoming HOSA council for 2014-2015 hope to implement into the Club.

With guidance from the current council of 2013-2014, the new council members, who were elected this past November, are focused on improving the Club for next year with an agenda that is different from previous years. Angus Fung, the Club president for 2014-2015, specifically wants to strengthen organization within the after-school Club that boasts a total of 97 members.

“Since HOSA is one of the biggest Clubs in the school, organization is one of the main assets to improve,” Angus said. “I believe that it can be attained by having better communication between the members, which is something I wish to work upon.”

Other rising council members also wish to initiate a more effective way to get members prepared for the Club’s Regional competitions that usually take place in January.

“Instead of just telling members to self-study, we could have practice tests for those who are taking the knowledge tests and make-up mock scenarios for the hands-on competitions such as CPR/First-Aid,” Yea-In Kim, the new sophomore representative, suggested.

New fundraising methods to raise money for National competitions are being looked at as well. Usually, fundraising for HOSA consists of movie ticket sales and bake sales, which is why Zaneta Zachwieja, the new secretary elect, wants to bring in a more creative approach for next year.

“Since I am a certified Zumba instructor, we could raise money with hour-long sessions of Zumba that charges $5 per class,” Zaneta said.

Despite the plethora of different ideas suggested by the rising council elects, they all agree that the Club needs to reach out to more members of other academies besides the Biomedicine Academy and increase diversity in the Club. With more than 55 members of HOSA being Asian, many of them in Biomed, the rising council hopes to encourage students of all different demographics to join.

“Although all of the events and competitions in HOSA are tied to healthcare in some way, there are many different things that HOSA has to offer such as public speaking and video production. Not everything is just medicine,” Angus remarked.

Mr. Mechail, the advisor for the Club, is also striving for improvements within HOSA for the upcoming school year, particularly in the number of students going to National’s.

“In the past, we only had a few people going to National’s,” he explained. “I expect that more kids will take it seriously so we can achieve better results.”

In the meantime, students of DMAE as well as current members of HOSA can look forward to the new improvements of HOSA that may take place next school year as a result of the rising council’s efforts.