A@E welcomes the Class of 2017

The Academies @ Englewood family welcomed the new freshman class on Tuesday, May 14, 2013. Pre-engineering teacher and Dean of Admissions Leslie Eaton organized

the program for the Class of 2017 and made it possible for 138 students to be inducted.

This year’s induction of students was much smaller compared to past years, which usually inducted around 150-160 students.

“We had a lower target for this year’s admissions because we wanted a smaller class to have a sense of togetherness,” Ms. Eaton affirmed.

The induction was hosted by senior Armon Sadler and included a keynote speech from senior Jay Locquiao. In his speech, Jay spoke about his experience in the Academies program and how it has affected his life. He spoke about how different and mature the inductees will come out at the end of their experience at the Academies.

“If there is anything inductees should take from this induction it is to be sure to enjoy their four years because it goes by fast,” Armon said.

The ceremony then followed with the traditional handing out of certificates and medals. Every inductee was given a medal according to the color of the Academy: yellow for Law and Public Safety, red for Pre-Engineering, green for Finance, blue for Information Technology and white for Bio Medicine.

After the induction, there was a well-attended reception where students and parents were able to converse with teachers and staff members and ask questions.

“I am very enthusiastic with the upcoming class. They are a very an academically accomplished group who are not only very competitive but represent a diverse involvement. I am sure that the Class of 2017 will represent the Academies in a very positive way,” Ms. Eaton asserted.