Grieco Scholarship Did It Again with Grieco Games

An excited buzz filled the air on Friday, Nov. 15, 2019, when the John Grieco Scholarship Club held its annual Grieco Games in DMAE’s gymnasium. The Games featured the usual competitive sports and even more competitive students. It was a way for all students to meet new people in friendly competitions.

“It was a good opportunity for students to unite and have fun and do something different in the school instead of work,” freshmen Majia Foster commented.

Students had fun together playing sports offered at the Games, volleyball, basketball, and dodgeball, instead of worrying about the pile of work they had to do. This gave many students the opportunity to expand their outreach and relax. 

“This campus is a special place. I looked at that basketball court and saw kids that don’t hang out with each other during the day playing basketball and having a lot of fun together,” organizer Judy Aronson said. “I wish we can do this every Friday afternoon. I think it will be so great, socially,” she added.

The Grieco Club organizes events such as Greico games in order to earn money for scholarships are given to DMAE students in June. Club members spend time and effort every week planning and setting up events like Grieco Games in order to reach a $26,000 fundraising goal for the year. This year approximately XXX students participated in the Games, more than last year, making the event both a monetary success and a Friday night of fun.  

“Honestly, I think this year was the best it’s ever been, it was the most organized, we got less complaints, everyone had fun and played lots of games, so I think this year was actually pretty solid,” senior Caleb Kim said, a fourth-year member of the Club.