Bergen Blowout Back Home at Gillespie Auditorium

For an entire month, students spent hours upon hours practicing to showcase their talents and school pride in one event: the Bergen Blowout. When the day came, screams filled the room as other students supported their friends on stage. Flags danced across the room and lit up the stage in maroon and gold as the band’s playing filled the room and then applause broke out from the crowd and the band members smiled in satisfaction, their hard work recognized.

“The performance was so entertaining. I really enjoyed it and even as a senior, would come back again next year,” senior Shaina Lacap declared.

Bergen Blowout is a great experience. I truly enjoyed it and will forever remember the experience, even beyond college.

— Veronica Gonzales

On November 13, 2018,  DMAE hosted the annual Bergen Blowout in the Dizzy Gillespie Auditorium. Bands from other towns, including East Ramapo and Brooklyn, participated in the event. Bergen Blowout was created by band director Gary Hollander for bands to showcase their talents and enjoy themselves on stage and for supporters to join in with supportive enthusiasm and school spirit. Since 2012, Bergen Blowout has increased band membership every year. This year, four seniors from the band and flag even performed in the Macy’s Day Parade.

“The event was great. It was the first time in its seven years that we held it at DMHS. Our group did really well and were great hosts to our visiting bands,” Dr. Hollander said.

The DMAE Marching Band performed many songs including “Umbrella” by Rihanna, “Boo’ed up” by Ella Mai, and “Level Up” by Ciara. It is known for playing current music that many people can identify with and enjoy. Even though each band has a different style, the DMAE band is known for its flare across Englewood and beyond.

“Bergen Blowout is a great experience,” said said Veronica Gonzales. “I truly enjoyed it and will forever remember the experience, even beyond college.”

Dr. Hollander plans to continue and improve the Bergen Blowout with inclusion of more bands next year and is proud of the traditions seniors have contributed to the band.