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Thanks to Teachers

Jeans Friday Supports DMAE

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Jeans Friday allows teachers to dress down and be comfortable but at the same time support Student Council and other causes.”

— Math Teacher Ms. Altilio

Almost every Friday, the Student Council hosts Jean Friday, a day when teachers pay to wear their jeans. It is a little bit like the American business version of a casual Friday, but at DMAE, Jeans Friday is about much more than being comfortable. It is about teachers supporting students on the DMAE campus and the causes they support.

“It’s a way to fundraise for Student Council and other causes,” Student Council co-advisor Eric Lax  said. “We’ve been able to split the donations with other groups and charities,” he added.

Teachers pay $5 to wear jeans and total donations vary from week to week, but range from approximately $60 to $80 on average. Monies have been split with the Junior and Senior classes, the Athletics department, the Susan G Komen for the Cure (breast cancer) and the American Diabetes Association.

“Jeans Friday allows teachers to dress down and be comfortable but at the same time support Student Council and other causes,” math teacher Antonietta Altilio mentioned.

Another advantage of Jeans Friday is how it supports what DMAE students care about. It gives the students a chance to be more productive with their club activities and do fun things rather than just fundraise.

“I love Jeans Friday. It has a positive outcome not only because we raise a lot of money, but also because students don’t have to put on as many bake sales,” Mr. Lax said.

The Student Council hopes to continue Jean Friday, and depending on how much administration support they receive, there are many possible ways to improve it. For example, Student Council members could promote the causes they plan to split funds with in advance to create more donations.

“A lot of corporate businesses do casual Friday to boost morale,” Ms. Altilio said. “At DMAE, it does the same thing. It builds morale and motivates teachers to get through the week,” she concluded.

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Thanks to Teachers