DMAE Equality Club

Traditions that leave girls subject to rape, forced into marriage at an early age, and deprived of an education are issues that the new DMAE Equality Club has on its agenda to discuss. The club’s goal is to bring awareness to gender equality and particularly, help young girls.

“I think it is morally incorrect for women to be oppressed just for their gender,” said junior Mahenoor Shaikah. “Their potential should be shown to all people.”

The Equality Club is committed to creating awareness about the gender imbalance that exists around them. The new club has also formed a partnership with an organization called “Girl Up” in order to raise funds to support girls in third-world countries. Girl Up’s mission is to unite girls to change the world. To date there are more than 500,000 members.

Recently, the DMAE Equality Club discussed criticism that feminists are receiving. They talked about how many feminists on social media are bashed by men and even fellow females for standing up for their rights. Feminists are being branded as people who are quick to cause a scene, especially in making the opposite gender feel guilty for being male.

“When some people hear feminism, they think bad things; feminism is NOT hating on males. It is the equality between males and females,” junior Donna Sunny said.

According to Donna, who is a founder of the club, males on the DMAE campus are encouraged not to take part in this phenomen. With that in mind, the Equality Club wants more males to join next year, since it is not a “girls only” matter.