RISK! The Club


On Thursdays at DMAE, the RISK! Club transforms DMAE students into world dominators. Advised by John Cirilli, the club plays the game RISK!. Though this is the club’s third year, its 20 slots filled quickly.

“It’s more of a club for having fun than learning. It’s more of a social thing rather than somewhere you would learn,” club advisor John Cirilli said. “It provides a fun way for kids to get together and just play the game I used to love playing,” he added with a grin.

The club general agenda is just to play the game RISK! The club of 16 boys and 3 girls assign themselves into teams, get onto a board, and play.

“There aren’t enough boards for everyone to play so we get into teams.” freshman Shamita Prettypaul said. “It’s fun to play against your friends even when they team up on you.”

The games usually take approximately 3-4 meetings before someone claims the world for him/herself. After each club session, if the game is not complete, the teams take pictures of their boards so they can pick up where they left off at the next meeting. Though students play a board game, they do retain valuable lessons.

“You learn about strategy and geography and world domination,” Mr.Cirilli said. “It’s not really like any other club in the way it allows you to have fun and still learn.”

The club is on track for second semester and there’s no slowing it down. The club is gaining attention from not only freshman but from upperclassmen as well.