Teen Summit on Substance Abuse

I hope that students who want to effect change… will become a part of this program.”

— Ms. Brooks

A group of DMAE students attended the 2019 Bergen County Teen Summit on Friday, May 3, 2019, which took place at Felician University in Rutherford, New Jersey. Students from various high schools throughout Bergen County came together to watch presentations on substance use.

“I believe the Summit was good and empowering for our students that attended,” student counselor and student assistance coordinator Jalesah Brooks stated.

The Lindsay Meyer Teen Institute teamed up with the Bergen County Prevention Coalition to arrange this event. The students learned about substance use and planned what they could do in the future to positively change and impact their communities. They learned how they can further encourage the prevention of the use of drugs such as alcohol and tobacco.

Students across multiple high schools first engaged in ice breaker activities to lighten up the atmosphere. They shared information on substance use in their own school communities to compare the similarities and differences.

The students will then use the information that they have learned in their communities.

“I hope that more students who want to effect change in Englewood and within this school community will become a part of this program, let their ideas be heard, and put them into action,” Ms. Brooks stated passionately.