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The ZONE at risk of shutting down

The ZONE at risk of shutting down

Echo Dong February 8, 2023

For many months, the ZONE was at risk of being shut down by the NJ Government, and was struggling to maintain their presence at Dwight Morrow High School. With the rise of COVID-19, the government...

Meet DMAE’s Newest Principal

Meet DMAE’s Newest Principal

Sarah Yang, Co-Editor November 26, 2019

Following what seems to be almost a tradition, with another new school year hails DMAE’s newest principal.  An educator for 16 years, Benjamin Suro is well versed in adapting to various educational...

The teachers enjoying a sunny afternoon.

Teachers Toured Englewood

Leticia Wood, Editor-in-Chief November 17, 2017

On a sunny day before the start of the school year, September 5, 2017, DMAE teachers went on a bus tour of the city of  Englewood as part of their back-to-school Orientation. The idea was not only to...

Dr. Billy Bowie

The Face of a Community/A Principal for Positive Change

Ashley Lopez, Section Editor October 24, 2017

Billy Bowie knows the great things that can come from looking at the world with an open mind and an open heart. One of those things is leadership. Although his positive attitude seems almost impossible...

Senior Reflection

Julianne Jeon June 21, 2016

To the Class of 2016, congratulations! Just when we thought this day would never come, it has and almost out of nowhere. I was tasked with giving words of wisdom and perhaps reminisce about our times...

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