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Winning Season Meant to Be

Kyle Simmons

December 3, 2012

Fate has played a role in Coach Barry Harris’ life and he has come to love the sport of football because of what it has given him. Twice in his life outside events made it possible for him to advance in the world of football. The first time was the chance to play pro ball as an Oakland Raider; the...

Outreach to Leach

Outreach to Leach

Priya Kabaria

November 14, 2012

Despite a long, traffic-filled commute from Jersey City, new teacher David Leach is almost as happy to be teaching at Dwight Morrow High School and the Academies @ Englewood as he would be riding his motorcycle. It is a new type of school for him and an opportunity to teach what he loves. Although he is a math tea...

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