Finalists Set for Englewood Idol



Nervous students, talented volunteers and tired teachers met up in the Dizzy Gillespie auditorium at Dwight Morrow High School on October 10, 2017, for auditions for the 15th annual Englewood Idol competition. Englewood Idol is the campus event that proves how DMAE stands for unity, because nothing says that better than students supporting and cheering on contestants at Englewood Idol.

“Englewood Idol is different people from different backgrounds coming together to sing,” director Judy Aronson explained simply.

Auditions to choose the 10 finalists for this year’s competition were held from 4-6 p.m. and were open to any student who lives in or attends school in Englewood. Approximately 30 singers sang for one minute in front of a panel of judges who critiqued their ability and offered advice.

Vocalists were nervous, but they quickly loosened up around each other,  and even encouraged each other before and after auditions. Most Idol hopefuls were not looking for a 2018 win, but just a chance to use and develop their talents, and showcase them to the school.

Junior Gabriella Arango auditioning for Englewood Idol.


“My goal isn’t to win, but to have a lot of fun,” said freshman Tiffany Moon, who was excited by the chance to perform.

For returning singers, such as senior Le’Keil Herring, the goal was improvement, and the opportunity to show others that he had.

“You never know your ability until you try,” Ms. Aronson explained. “Some students who get involved have known they wanted to be on stage since they were three; others just found out that they have a singing voice this year. One of the greatest parts of this show is watching someone who didn’t know they could sing take the stage at Bergen PAC,” Ms. Aronson added.

Junior Patricia Parker wanted to audition as a performer, rather than be an accompanist this year.

“Accompanying is stressful,” Patricia explained. “Now, I just want to make the people who love me proud,” she said.

Englewood Idol doesn’t just bring singers together in solidarity, it unites all of its volunteer staff who help organize the event. This begins with auditions.

Senior Deirdre Riggsbee auditioning for Englewood Idol.

“Englewood Idol brings together Englewood as a whole in a really positive way,” senior Deirdra Riggsby concluded.The 10 finalists will perform on January 18, 2018, at Bergen PAC. Visit for the list of finalists and more details.