DMAE’s New Dean


“It’s getting there. It’s becoming fun. The first two weeks were rough. It’s getting much better,” Ms. McGrath said.

As DMAE’s new dean, Ms. Christina McGrath supports the Academy program managers by attending their program meetings. She also works with the vice principals to help them with their duties. In addition, she still holds her job of ensuring that students are placed in clubs.

“Club registration was a little hairy, but that only lasted for a little while. I’m hoping next semester’s registration will run more smoothly,” she said.

Ms. McGrath also helps new teachers settle into the school by sharing her own experiences.

“I’m mentoring new teachers and observing them unofficially,” Ms. McGrath said.

An alumnus of Montclair State University, Ms. McGrath studied general humanities and women studies. She has taught many classes in the last decade such as American Literature Honors 1, Greek Drama, Women’s Studies, as well as Shakespeare and Henry V Ethics. This year, in addition to her duties as dean, Ms. McGrath teaches World Literature Honors 1, HSPA Prep, and Gateway Seminar.

Ms. McGrath was the advisor of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) for five years until the ZONE took over the group this year.

“I do miss that connection with the students,” Ms. McGrath said.

Ms. McGrath believes the job is becoming easier as she goes along. Her problems have reduced from her phone not being set up to small issues with managing the walkie-talkie.

More than anything, this new position has made her think more of the time she spends teaching her students.

“It makes me appreciate the time I have in the classroom, a lot,” she said.

Even though Ms. McGrath has moved to a more administrative position now, she wants students, teachers, and counselors to understand that she is always available as a resource for them at the top floor of the Common Area.