Colleges Do Virtual Visits

Register for a virtual college visit right now! It is no doubt that the unprecedented pandemic has changed many aspects of daily life, including academia. Whereas college visits were originally held in person in the common area or the auditorium, they are now all online.

Thus, the DMAE guidance department organized virtual college visits to span the entire month of October, and all students are invited and encouraged to participate. To attend a college visit, simply log into Naviance, look under the “What’s New” tab, click on a college of your interest, and register. Twenty colleges were on the list including Drexel, Penn State, Rutgers, BCC and Monroe. A guidance counselor will then email you a link to the meeting, and all that’s left is to show up when it’s time. 

“I still have to sign up for some. I really need to flesh out my college list,” explained Saki Kogawa, a senior in the midst of applying to colleges. 

The process is completely straightforward, and the meetings are brief yet educational. Once you join the meeting, there will be a representative who will introduce the college and allot time at the end for student questions, which can either be general or highly specific to that college.

All students are invited to participate, and juniors and seniors are highly encouraged to do so!”

— Rachel Cohen

“All students are invited to participate, and juniors and seniors are highly encouraged to do so! It is a great opportunity,” expressed Rachel Cohen, one of the school’s guidance counselors. 

This is a great chance to see how well certain colleges have adapted to the pandemic and how willing they are to provide a safe and meaningful education for everyone. Once you are satisfied with the information presented, you can leave the meeting whenever you want. If you want to broaden your knowledge, satisfy your curiosity, and develop your college list, think about attending a virtual college visit.