DMAE Welcomes Spring with Music

Chorus, Strings, Guitar, and Select Vocal Perform


The general vibe of the event was just fun, having fun with your friends.

— Raphael Daniel

Wednesday, May 22, 2019, marked the night of the Spring Concert, an event enjoyed by performers and audience members alike. The chorus, string ensemble, guitar ensemble, and select vocal performed a diverse selection of songs that tugged at different ends of the emotional spectrum. From the tranquil choral arrangement of “Seal Lullaby” to the energetic guitar and vocal performance of “Bailando” audience members resonated with the pieces.

“My favorite part of the concert was watching the audience get immersed into the pieces. A lot of the audience members sang along to our songs,” sophomore Rachel Park said.

The chorus spent months preparing their pieces, and in spite of their reduced size and scheduling conflicts, succeeded in impressing the listeners with their sonorous sound.

“Even though the chorus was so much smaller than they had been in the past, they were so much stronger than we’ve had in years. Size did not matter,” music teacher Sandra Meltzer remarked.

However, students felt that the arrangements could be perfected.

“The transitions between performances took a bit of time,” Rachel commented.

At the end of the night, Ms. Meltzer read the seniors’ closing statements, as a pair of underclassmen handed the seniors roses.

“The fact that I am a senior makes me a little sad because I’ll miss a lot of the underclassmen,” senior Raphael Daniel said.

Yet Raphael, like many, expressed pleasure with the event.

“The general vibe of the event was just fun, having fun with your friends,” Raphael reflected.