LPS Speaker Series

Endless Opportunities in Law

On September 30, 2020, the DMAE Law and Public Safety (LPS) Academy held the first presentation of its monthly speaker series. Janice Acebo, LPS Academy Program Manager, organized a Zoom webinar and invited Andrés Acebo to speak. Mr. Acebo has worked in education law and government and public entity law. 

“I wanted to provide an opportunity for students interested in law to interact with professionals,” Ms. Acebo said. “I originally thought that the pandemic would limit our opportunities to do this; however, it actually presented a perfect option of doing a virtual speaker series.”

During the webinar, Mr. Acebo shared his personal and academic experiences throughout high school, college, law school, and now, his present. He discussed his parents’ emphasis on the importance of education, being a first-generation college graduate. His story of hard work inspired many students as he shared not only his successes, but also his failures.

I really like the speaker series because I get to see a professional talk about the reality of the profession.

— Hannah Ferrer

“It felt very relatable to me,” sophomore Hannah Ferrer commented. “I really like the speaker series because I get to see a professional talk about the reality of the profession.” 

The year-long series will occur monthly, allowing students to gain access to a multitude of experiences, ideas, and knowledge on law professions. 

“My hope is that students will realize how many opportunities their interests in law can yield. We sometimes have this vision of law being something explored solely by lawyers and judges, but the reality is that there are many paths that our students may want to take in the future,” Ms. Acebo concluded. 

The second speaker in the series was former Congressman Steve Rothman, and on November 12, 2020, Ms. Acebo has made plans for a trial attorney to speak. All students are welcome to attend!