Voter Registration Drive Flops

Voting has always been of the utmost importance in the United States. At one time or another, various social groups — African-Americans, women, and even 18-year-olds — have all fought for the right to vote. But why is voting so important? 

Raymond Smith, the leader of Shiloh Lodge No. 53 (a Masonic Lodge located in Englewood), had an answer.

 “Voting allows citizens to select public officials to represent their interests. These interests include jobs, roadway repairs, school budget, property tax, recreation, healthcare, and more,” he explained.

Voting allows citizens to select public officials to represent their interests.

— Raymond Smith

However, young people across the nation have become less interested in voting. In order to address this issue, Mr. Smith worked with  teacher Thomas Corizzi and Principal Ben Suro to host a voter registration drive on Friday, Oct. 11, 2019. The event was held in the Common Area at 8 a.m. Unfortunately, only a few students attended, and in the end, only three out of approximately 100 eligible students registered to vote. 

While this event was geared towards registering students eligible to vote in the November 5th elections, Mr. Smith also wished to speak to students about the significance of voting. 

Mr. Suro and Mr. Smith admitted that the drive could have been better and that it was hard to organize at the beginning of the school year, but both are hopeful that a future drive will be more successful. 

“We could entertain another drive in May prior to senior graduation. Perhaps if we pair the drive with a social studies or political science class it would be more fruitful,” Mr. Smith concluded.