Senior Showcase



On June 6, 2019, the common area was filled with a lot of excitement and nerves as DMAE seniors gathered in the King Hall Common Area to present PowerPoints on their senior internship experiences. The room stirred with conversation at every corner.

The common area was set up like an academic fair and students were positioned around the perimeter of the room. There were approximately 20-30 seniors presenting all around the Common Area at the same time, and each student talked to small groups of students from other grades.  

English teachers and Senior Experience Co-Coordinators Christina McGrath and Mindy Rochman organized the event. They sent out invitations to the students’ mentors as well as faculty members to come and hear the presentations. Lunch was provided for the visitors after all of the presentations were finished.

“Although it was a little chaotic having kids present at the same time, I think it might’ve been less nerve-wracking for them,” Ms. McGrath stated.

In previous years, seniors presented individually and were assigned to classrooms. With the combined presentations in the common area, other students were allowed to come and view presentations they wanted to see. As a result, seniors felt calmer during their presentation and friends could support and cheer them on.

“I talked about my experience with Malik Law firm, which is an immigration and criminal defense firm. I loved being able to present my experience with the internship since I got to showcase everything I learned throughout the course of the year and talk about how cool it was to be exposed to the field of law and be treated like an adult,” senior Soubia Hasan said.

The Senior Showcase was not only a great way for seniors to reflect on the work they have done throughout the year but also a way to inform underclassmen and rising seniors about internships.

Photos were taken by Brian Lee (20′)