Lessons of Physics Day


After weeks of preparation for AP exams, students took a break on May 2, 2019, at Physics Day where they could finally be relieved of their stress with a day of enjoyment. This trip to Six Flags is a yearly tradition on the DMAE campus that garners a lot of anticipation amongst students as the date approaches.

Because of physics day, I began to think about how other things I learned in school are applied to my daily life”

— Kirti Ganesan

The day started off early with buses packed with dozens of students towards New York. Once at the theme park and given a final meet up time, students dispersed across the grounds. This marked the start of their Great Adventure. Peers enjoyed rides like the Joker, Superman, El Toro, and the famed Kingda Ka all while applying physics concepts like acceleration and velocity.

“I was surprised at how seamlessly the topics I learned in my physics class could be applied to things that I enjoy. Because of physics day, I began to think about how other things I learned in school are applied to my daily life.” junior Kirti Ganesan said.

For many learners, seeing these concepts applied to real life examples was a valuable experience. Facts that might have sounded abstract in the classroom were solidified when seeing their applications in real life at Six Flags.

Above all, students appreciated their opportunity to enjoy themselves. A day out with their friends along with great food and games made for a memorable experience that transcended high school. Physics Day was one proved to be successful not only for the students but for the teachers as well.

“I have always heard upperclassmen talking about this trip, and now I am glad that I could share the experience as well. Physics day was more fun than I could have expected.” junior Kasia Soliwoda remarked.

With this opportunity, students can take their months of learning out of the classroom and apply it in a real life scenario. Although this trip seems innocent, the concepts learned in high school physics classes can be applied to the science behind roller coasters. It is truly a unique experience where education can be combined with entertainment.

Ultimately, physics students relieved stress that day.