NJ Devils Get Boost from DMAE Marching Band


On October. 16, 2018, students in the Marching Band went to the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, to perform for the NJ Devils game. As an annual activity, students look forward to showcasing their talents and performing at a top venue.


“Performing at these types of events provides exposure for our band and opens up other unique opportunities for our students,” band director Gary Hollander said.

The Marching Band displayed its talent by playing the songs that members learned during Band Camp. Classic stand songs such as “ESPN” and “Coldhearted” were played, as well as newer hits such as “In My Feelings” by Drake and a Rihanna mix. Although the band was set up in the concession area, the show was broadcast on the jumbotron.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to go out and do these kinds of things that aren’t done in some other schools,” senior Genesis Capellan said. “There’s never been a dull moment!”

Students enjoy this time with each other and love to deepen their love of music. This inspires others to join band and be a part of the action. The band travels all over the country to represent DMAE and Englewood as a whole. The band offers a safe environment for students to form a community and get a jumpstart on their careers as musicians.

“I recently joined band,” senior Sydney Rush said. “I already love traveling to different places with my friends and gaining a new skill of understanding music.”