DMAE’s First National Art Honor Society


The first chapter of the National Art Honor Society at DMAE held its induction ceremony at the Mexican Blue Moon Cafe on April 6, 2016.  Arranged by art teachers Mauricio Rodriguez, Grace Browne, and Kathleen Dailey, 24 juniors and seniors out of 50 applicants were inducted.

This society is rather different than others; acceptance is not based on ability, but on passion. Applicants are required to submit five to ten art pieces, but these submissions are insignificant in comparison to a student’s zeal for art.

“You don’t have to be good at drawing or anything — just show how much you want to be in it,” junior Isabella Berry said.

The idea was first proposed by senior Haoqian Ding and Isabella, who thought it would be an excellent addition to the school. The art teachers agreed and students even created a mosaic to represent the Society.

“The purpose of this society is to promote art throughout the campus and community,” Mr. Rodriguez said. “We want to create a platform for those who are interested in art so that they could expand their interest to start using art as ways to uplift the community.”

Students gather on the first Wednesday of every month to discuss goals and activities that could be organized for art appreciation. The society is currently working with the town’s public library to create mini art workshops.

With the establishment of DMAE’s first chapter of the Art Honor Society, the appreciation and importance of the arts at DMAE is bound to grow.