Frost Valley Bonds but No Bonfire

From Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015, to Friday, Sept. 12, 2015, the DMAE freshman class of 2019 embarked on the annual school trip to Frost Valley, a YMCA camp in Claryville, NY.

“I really liked all of the activities, and I believe it was a good bonding time. I got to meet a lot of new people through the experience,” said freshman Ruby Rodriguez.

With a school as diverse as DMAE, Frost Valley allows students of varied backgrounds to get to know each quickly. The activities are designed to help students bond and create new friendships.

“The ways in which students get to know each other in a different environment is always the most important part of the experience to me,” said trip advisor Alison Fordice.

Some freshmen, like Sarim Irfan, thought the highlights of the experience were the truly exciting activities, such as the giant swing. Others, such as Ariel Halpert, felt the combination of the collaboration and new experiences defined the adventure.

“Catching animals in the pond was very exciting because it was collaborative,” Ariel said.

History teacher Stephen Hanson personally had a great time during the Frost Valley trip as a chaperone of one of the boys’ cabins.

“I always enjoy Frost Valley and getting to know as many freshmen as possible. Frost Valley is where I meet future tenth graders, especially ones who are at the dining table with me,” Mr. Hanson said.

Though many new friendships were formed, a big disappointment was the bonfire.  

“There was a little rain, and much better weather than what the forecast was. But we did have to do the outdoor bonfire inside by the fireplace,” Ms. Fordice said. “As always, our freshmen are an enthusiastic bunch with many interests. It is my hope that they make lasting friendships at DMAE.”