DMAE History Fair Links Past to Present: Provides Practice of National History Day

On January 16, 2015, research posters of all shapes and sizes were strewn around the South Building Common Area for the annual DMAE History Fair. Students dressed up, bustled about, and were eager to talk about history. Meanwhile, non-participants on campus had the opportunity to support their peers’ projects by listening and asking questions. The projects reflected a wide range of history topics.

“Everything was really diversified, so I got a chance to learn things from Indian politics to the South Korean economy during the 1960s,” junior Matt Lee said.

Started three years ago, the DMAE History Fair usually helps students to prepare for the National History Day competition in March. With teachers and fellow peers giving their two-cents worth, presenters get a feel of what to expect for Regionals at NHD.

“The idea is for them to get some feedback from other history teachers or students who have an idea as to how they can improve,” history teacher Ms. Janice Acebo said.

This year’s National History Day’s theme was “Leadership and Legacy.” Students were required to use primary and secondary sources in order to create a project on a historical leader of their choice.

One project was a poster by juniors Ashmar Beadle, Michael Perez, and Juan Pasimino; their visual depiction of Adolf Hitler explored the infamous Nazi leader’s rule and legacy.

“Our topic was ‘Influential Leaders and their Legacy,’ so we didn’t exactly have to choose the most moral leader, just someone who made a large impact. It made for some interesting conversations,” Ashmar explained.

Juniors were not the only participants of this school event. The fair also served as a bridge between history classes of different grade levels.

“I think the history fair’s great, since it lets everyone see what we’ve been doing in class so far. It gives underclassmen the chance to see what they’re going to be working on in the next few years,” junior Wooyon Choi said.

As the event heads into its fourth year, the DMAE History Fair hopes to remain a defining part of campus by connecting students from both buildings to participate in historical research.