DMAE Hand in Hand Help


Having the time to help others is a challenge for students with homework, friends, and social media. The new Hand in Hand club at DMAE has made this task easier for the students to volunteer their precious time. The club revolves around serving others, helping out in the environment, and even gives community service hours to those who volunteer.

“The club changed my perspective on life, it gave me the confidence I couldn’t find anywhere else,”  sophomore Angelica Szot said.

There are approximately 20 members in the club, freshman, sophomores, and juniors. Although the club is brand new, many accomplishments have been made both from helping others and from helping those in the club with personal problems to boost their confidence. The club leaders have high hopes for the success of the club’s existence.

President Aldona Bzek believes the club “shouldn’t be doubted by the bigger and longer established clubs” and will become popular.

Some of the club accomplishments include attending the breast cancer walk funded by Englewood hospital, giving out Halloween candy to Grieco children, donating christmas presents to the less fortunate in Dominican Republic, and the valentine’s day carnation sale. Spanish teacher Fina Espinal Flores advises the club, however, she leaves the responsibility of action to the students. The members decide what they want to do, making it a very hands on club, giving it its name “Hand in Hand.”