Bienvenue à la Foire Français

DMAE’s First French Culture Fair

On April 15, 2015, students taking French classes at DMAE took part in the first ever DMAE French Fair in the common area of the South Building. These students presented special posters relating to French history and culture, and offered French food and music. This event was organized by DMAE French teachers Amanda Drahos and Amanda Mauder. Participating students demonstrated their understanding of French culture to their peers, and were also allowed to browse and comment on the work of their classmates.

“It was very interesting how there was a myriad of information all in one place. For the first time it was done, the event was well executed,” said Paula Giraldo with enthusiasm. “It was nice to learn all about French culture from others,” Paula added.

Ms. Drahos was highly impressed by the work of her students at the event. She was eager to see the tri-fold boards and the creative mini-games, a requirement of the project.

“It was definitely interesting to finally see all of the work that my students put into their projects on display. I was actually surprised about how much I learned from just listening to some of the presentations,” Ms. Drahos said.

There was French music, French food, and much French spoken. The more notable projects at the Fair were done by the Juniors and Seniors taking French IV. The theme of their projects related to topics in recent French history. One

It was very interesting how there was a myriad of information all in one place. For the first time it was done, the event was well executed.

was about the recent terrorist attack on the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo (Charlie Weekly) magazine in Paris, with the large title of Je Suis CharlieOthers had to do with comtemporary French celebrities like the male singer Stromae.

This exhibit was created by Demetrious Lara and it capture the attention of fair goers who were curious to learn about the political nature of the magazine and the political impact of the attack that was carried out in response to controversial religious expression against Islam shown in a cartoon.

“I thought that the fair was pretty cool, overall. I was kind of nervous to present  my project at first, but it was pretty easy once I did it a few times, and I got the chance to see some other projects, too,” sophomore Jaime Siguenza said.

Next year the French teachers plan to hold  Foire Français again and hope to once again be unexpectedly pleased with the overwhelming positive response to the event.