Ice Melted at Frost Valley

This school year began with a tradition that has been going on for 12 years now – the anticipated Frost Valley trip for the incoming freshmen. Every year at the Academies, new students may feel overwhelmed by the slew of unfamiliar faces. By taking freshmen on the Frost Valley trip to Claryville, NY, it helps them to be better acquainted with each other before they officially start their classes. As always, the responses from the freshmen regarding this bonding experience were positive.

Freshman Kaya Karibi-Whyte reflected happily on the trip. Knowing only one person prior to this outing, she found this annual trip to be extremely helpful and fun. Seeing the teachers outside of school and breaking off from the seriousness of classes allowed Kaya and other freshmen to connect with each other in a non-classroom setting.

“I think going to Frost Valley is a really a good experience for freshmen to have because you get to know new people and you get to experience things and make friends that will hopefully stay with you for a while,” said Kaya.

Kaya wasn’t the only one who found the trip beneficial. Another freshman, Nicholas Cristancho, specifically enjoyed the cooperative activities they participated in. Like Kaya, he knew only one or two people from his town, so making new acquaintances before classes officially started made him truly feel like a part of DMAE. The outdoor activities and group icebreakers particularly aided him in approaching new classmates and situations.

“Zip lining was my favorite activity. I think it helped a lot of people face their fears and I think that is going to help a lot coming into high school – learning to face and conquer your fears,” Nicholas said enthusiastically.

The positive reactions towards this year’s Frost Valley trip can, once again, be attributed to the advisor of the trip, Ms. Fordice. She has made sure that every trip is a success through the bonding experiences, and this year was no exception.

“It’s a tradition,” Ms. Fordice said. “It helps break down a lot of barriers and makes it a lot easier for people to start making friends and I think that is one of the reasons why we even organize this trip.”