Physics Club for Physics Day


Physics can be called the knowledge of nature. It is the study of natural science that involves matter and its motion through space. Physics is one of oldest science and math academic disciplines. One could even learn the mechanics of walking through physics.

Making the complexity of physics simpler and fun is the purpose of the DMAE Physics Club.

“I became a Physics teacher because it is fun, interesting,” science teacher Moheb Mechail said.

The first semester of Physics Club included a small group of dedicated students who worked on planning Physics Day activities for the Physics Day trip at the end of May, and tutored students who needed extra help doing physics problems.

“I wanted to improve my physics skills, while also contributing to the creation of Physics Day. Physics day is a day in which all the juniors go to Six Flags Great Adventure,” junior Loribel Vargas stated.

At Physics Day students have to work in groups and finish a project packet in preparation for the proficiency test. They ride the roller coaster and other rides and collect data; then they use formulas from class to answer the problems from the packet. In Physics Club, the students help to make these problems.

Even though physics is a very tough subject, Mr. Mechail believes once a person learns to enjoy the subject he or she will understand it better and she how it applies to everyday life. Helping others is a way to do this, too.

“I feel like I learned something in this club, because I have learned how to work with others and to contribute to a group project,” Loribel added.

Mr. Mechail plans on continuing the interesting, fun project work for the in the second semester, and hopes that more students will join Physics Club.