Reducing Stress in Yoga Club

Reducing Stress in Yoga Club

Yoga is the science of life. It is thousands of years old, and with regular practice, yoga can bring one into balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is why Constance Clark, a sophomore English teacher who became a certified yoga instructor in September, began a Yoga Club this year. She wants to share the yoga experience with others around her.

“Yoga has been a centering for me,” Ms. Clark said. “It started out as exercise and has evolved into a way of life.”

The Yoga Club’s first semester resulted in a small group, with only a few dedicated members, however sometimes friends of the members attended when given permission.

“Yoga has been such a relaxing place for me. Although it is extremely difficult, it helps me get my mind off stress from school,” sophomore Gabriella Drazek stated.

While yoga can be challenging in unexpected ways, Ms. Clark hopes to have many more students in the club next semester.

“I started yoga with a friend and was immediately in love with it. I love the connection between body and mind and the physical growth, especially in flexibility,” Ms. Clark said. “I want to share that body and mind awareness with students through the practice of yoga,” she added.

Club members change into yoga clothes, or clothes that are comfortable for movement, and then set up their mats. For the next 45 minutes, they practice a series of positions, called asanas. First they sit crossed legged, and clear their minds. Then, they start off slowly by stretching the body progressing into more challenging poses such as Warrior (Virabhadrasana) and Triangle (Trikonasana). At the end of the session, they relax completely by being still for a few minutes.

Yoga has become a place of relaxation for the students in the club. School can be extremely stressful and yoga allows them to get away from the world and be at peace without thinking about school work.

“Doing yoga with Ms. Clark made me realize how hard it may actually be,” Gabriella said. “This club has truly impacted my life greatly.”

Ms. Clark plans to include more stress-reducing aspects to the club next semester along with the philosophical teachings that go with the practice of yoga.