In Love with the City of Love: Freshman Philly Trip

The freshman hallway was electrified with the excited chatter of students awaiting their call to board a bus for, as freshman Josh Castillo called it, “the best trip of the year.”

Along with the freshman students studying U.S. History I, students in Judy Aronson’s Advanced Placement U.S. History and those in Brian Hall’s Advanced Placement Government headed out to Philadelphia to learn about various historical aspects of the founding of America.

“I was really excited to go, but I was a bit nervous and scared because I’ve never been to Philadelphia,” freshman Guhan Thruan said. “I thought it was just going to be about learning, but it turned out to be a lot of fun.”

Before arriving at the Franklin Institute of Technology, the main destination, the two busses stopped at the Philadelphia Museum of Art where the famous steps, commonly known as “The Rocky Steps,” are located. These famous steps are where the character Sylvester Stallone of the “Rocky” movies trained for his fights and it was where student got the chance to race to the top after a long ride.

“I felt really accomplished after doing The Rocky; that was my favorite part,” freshman Paula Niederland commented. “I ran up those stairs, came back to the bus. Yeah, I felt accomplished.”

Although the Rocky steps may have left a few freshmen out of breath, the race did not lessen the excitement of arriving at the upcoming museum, the Philadelphia U.S. Constitutional Center.

At this hands-on historical museum, students interacted and viewed various exhibits including “Freedom Rising,” which featured a 360-degree projection experience, and “Signer’s Hall,” which boasted a marvelous 42 life-size statue exhibit of the signers of the Constitution. Ms. Aronson offered extra credit to students who turned in a photo with their assigned signer of the Constitution.

After this students visited at the main museum set for the trip, the Franklin Institute of Technology. This museum, which was established in 1824, features 12 permanent exhibits as well as varying travelling exhibits.

“It was a breath-taking experience that provided for a lifetime of education,” freshman Alyssa Betancourt remarked in a rather out-of-character way.

At the museum students were able to learn a lot about the Constitution, as well as see other exhibits of interest.

“My favorite part was probably at the Franklin Institute where we got to play around in the sports center,” attendee Tiffany Wong stated.

At the sports center, students were able to see how sports have evolved, partake in various activities involving sports sciences, and even compare their sneakers with Shaquille O’Neal’s size 22 basketball shoes.

Students then headed to downtown Philadelphia with their chaperones where they were given the opportunity to visit multiple attractions, including South Street, a place where modern urban style is worshipped.

“I really liked walking around downtown. I liked downtown Philly, especially South Street,” freshman Paula Niederland noted.

After all that exercise students worked up an appetite, and ended the day with a must-have when in Philadelphia: a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich.

“I liked the Philly Cheesesteak. My favorite part was the first bite; it was very good, very crisp,” Janice Wang remembered.

The Philly Cheesesteaks were the curtain call on what was overall a great trip according to some students.

This Trip has become a tradition for freshman at DMAE, and Ms. Aronson has high hopes that it will continue with coming years.

“I love the fact that this has become such a tradition for the freshman class,” trip organizer Judy Aronson said. “It becomes one of the memories that they keep with them for all four years that they’re here and even beyond.”

Whether it was the Cheesesteaks, the Franklin Institute, or simply walking around exploring downtown Philly, students were exposed to a America’s history in city of love.