Video Production Power

What would you do if you had the power to produce, edit and perfect your own videos?

Many students attending DMAE have a good idea of the possibility that having these skills can bring. Thanks to the popular Video Production elective taught by Mitchell Ravitz, students on campus are able to use the skills they have learned and perfected not only for school, but for their own work.

“Not only did the class prove useful in teaching me the basics, but once I got the hang of what I was doing, I was able to branch out and build on my skills,” junior Elizabeth Spenst said.

The class is one semester and upon completion, students earn art credits. The class varies slightly each semester, but the basis is the same: complete two projects and show them in front of the class. Potential projects range from music videos, to public service announcements, to comedic films and the occasional skit. No matter what the assignment, the students have room to express themselves and be creative.

“Students find that they can express themselves through the use of video and video editing techniques. It opens up their creativity through another discipline,” Mr. Ravitz explainedz.

Many students are drawn to this elective not only for its potential to be fun and relaxing, but for the skills they gain from the class. Upon completion, students have a new understanding about making and editing videos. This not only gives them room to experiment in their free time, but adds to their academic skills. While a classmate may only be able to write a paper or construct a PowerPoint Presentation when assigned a project, a student who has taken Video Production will be able to put together a video to present her unique ideas in whichever way he or she chooses.

“I believe that each project adds to the student’s skill sets,” Mr. Ravitz said. “This gives them another avenue for them to pursue.”

This opinion is shared by the students.

“I feel that Video Production has given me advantages in my school work that my other classmates may not have, Elizabeth said. “After taking the class I was able to efficiently plan, film, and edit a video. These are skills that I can use for other classes when given projects,” she added.

For some students, the elective is important to a career in Video Production.

“Since I want to be in TV production, it has started to prepare me for the challenges of working on a set,” junior Damon Dixon said.

No matter what a student’s interest or motivation, the Video Production course has something to offer everyone in this digital age.