March of Dimes


Between the years of 1998 and 2008, the infant mortality rate in the United States declined more than eight percent because of the efforts of organizations like the March of Dimes. Thanks to the efforts of Aditya Bhalla, as of this year, DMAE has established a chapter of the March of Dimes Club in order to raise money to help premature babies and babies born with defects. Although students were skeptical about the success of the club at first, their doubts were unfounded. Already, several hundred dollars have been raised and students are excited to continue helping in any way they can.

“Well it started off slow but I can honestly say that we have been improving and working as a team,” junior Desiree Peterson said. “We have a lot of things planned for the year and we expect to make a good contribution to the March of Dimes cause.”

Club members began the year selling bracelets to help promote their cause. The purple bands engraved with the words “I AM A CHAMPION OF ALL BABIES- MARCH OF DIMES,” sold for two dollars each.

“My favorite part of the club was selling the bracelets because having the money in your hand makes you realize that you are actually putting effort into the club,” junior Caroline Pawlowski said.

The club has held bake sales, and will hold a movie night March 21, 2013, in the Dizzy Gillespie auditorium for the movie “Mama.”

In addition to the movie night, club members want to organize participation in one of the March of Dimes runs. Unfortunately, their scheduled trip to a hospital in Trenton to see premature babies was cancelled when the Board of Education cut the trip. Even though the trip was cancelled, the club still hopes to get exposure to the world of premature babies through a speaker, a March of Dimes Nurse of the Year, who may comes in to talk to the club members.

“It is a bit overwhelming at first, but so far everything is going great. Everyone is determined to help in any way that they can and new ideas are always flowing,” founder Aditya Bhalla said.

Constance Clark, club advisor, agreed that the Club was moving forward.

“Although the officers are laid back, they are getting the job done!”