A Chance for Wrestling

Recently there have been rumors surfacing about DMAE starting a Varsity Wrestling team for the 2013-2014 school year. The development of this proposal has its roots in the open-weight room every day after school.

Gym teacher Michael Morano stays after every day to help the students who want to work out. Last year the students began to come to him for guidance and Mr. Morano gladly delivered what they were looking for.

“The students began asking about various martial arts and wrestling techniques,” Mr. Morano said.

Having past experience in wrestling, Mr. Morano proved to be a wealth of knowledge for the aspiring wrestlers. He even managed to bring in three All-American Wrestlers for the students to meet!

From December two years ago to February of last year, more and more students began to go to the weight room because of an interest in wrestling.

“The students just came and I taught them everything I knew about the sport,” Mr. Morano said.

As he mentored the aspiring wrestlers, an after school Wrestling Club began to develop.

“I was just a utility for the students to use,” he admits. “The direction this club has headed in is a result of the students’ enthusiasm and interest.”

With Mr. Morano guidance, student managed to learn enough wrestling techniques to begin some matches last year, which took place on Fridays after school from April to June 2012.

Today the group of students still goes to the weight room after school. Mr. Morano feels the students would make great members of an official school wrestling team.

“Some of these guys are just simply athletic and have some of the best abilities I’ve ever seen,” he said.

In order for the school to get a Varsity Wrestling team, a few requirements must be met. The school has to get official wrestling mats for students to practice on and have matches on. A coach must be hired, and the Englewood Board of Education must approve the team.

Mr. Morano has faith that the proposal for the team will get Board approval.

“The students are the spearheads to the operation,” he said. “I have done nothing but support their aspirations to this point; everything else was all them.”