Vocal Ensemble Scales Up

The amount of musical talent within the walls of the DMAE campus is nothing new; however, there seemed to be more accomplished singers trying out for vocals and music teacher Sandra Meltzer has noticed.

“In past years, out of all the kids that auditioned, I tended to be more critical about the audition and not many students make the cuts. This year, out of all the students who auditioned, they were mostly all qualified and fitted for this ensemble,” Ms. Meltzer said.

As a result, this year’s Vocal Ensemble has a staggering 33 members; a huge difference compared to past years of 10-12 members.

“These kids are extremely dedicated and the amount of work they put into it to sound good is incredible. Their blend as a group is also very impressive,” Ms. Meltzer said.

Although the ensemble is mostly composed of new members, returning members also noted a difference with this year’s ensemble.

“As a second year member, I can say that we are more eager, and the want to sound the best we can is definitely there,” junior Johanna Bekas said.

The hard work of the ensemble has paid off in other ways. This year, 12 members of the ensemble got into county chorus, and seven got into the regional chorus.

“I am very hopeful and optimistic of the future with this group, they are very hardworking and are very talented and we have a Madrigal Dinner coming up which is something we all look forward to,” Ms. Meltzer said.

The Vocal Ensemble is scheduled to perform a varied array of music for the Madrigal Dinner the first three days of March. The Madrigal Dinner is recreation of a feast during the Renaissance, and includes not just performed music, but music performed in connection to a plot and dramatic scenes. A dinner is served, minstrels stroll and members of the audience usually get chosen to become knights.

“As a first year member, vocal ensemble has given me the opportunity to make new friends, and most importantly learn more about music. It’s great,” junior Sanian Bailey said.