ZONE Offers Many Programs

In a time filled with many challenges and prolonging uncertainty, mental health problems can impact not only the academic performance of students but also their personal lives. The ZONE provides students with assistance in dealing with mental health and academic problems, and it offers opportunities for social engagement, volunteering and personal guidance.

The ZONE has been a crucial part of the DMAE community for many years and is guided by a philosophy of caring.

“The only way a child can be successful is with love and dedication,” ZONE Director Luz Castillo said.

This year the ZONE launched a Workforce Readiness program for students and it has held career fairs, resume prep sessions, and college prep seminars. In November and December students were involved in collecting items for veterans and the homeless, along with making ornaments for senior citizens and hosting racial justice workshops.

Each time I went to one of the events at the ZONE, I always left with so much more knowledge than what I entered with.”

— Freshman Amruta Vadlamudi

“Each time I went to one of the events at the ZONE, I always left with so much more knowledge than what I entered with. Each time they taught us something new, they never failed to make it fun and interactive, like when I learned about writing resumes, women’s history month, or planned parenthood,” freshman Amruta Vadlamudi explained. “We would thoroughly discuss what we were going over, and they would keep us engaged with many questions,” she said.

On February 8, 2022, the ZONE held an event introducing students and parents to the importance of mental health, in coordination with Bergen Family Center. It was a presentation by Dr. Mykee Fowlin called “You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me.”

“The performance was incredibly engaging and delved into ways of using our experiences to develop insight, compassion, and resiliency,” explained Demanual Edmonton, Director of Adolescent Services at the ZONE.

For Black History Month, the ZONE introduced students to many important societal contributions made by black citizens through a series of presentations. 

For example, the presentation included a close-up on Hiram Revels, USA’s first black member of the Senate, who took office in 1870. In addition, the presentation discussed how to celebrate BHM, including directing students to visit museums, contact elected officials, and conferences. The presentation allowed students to learn so much more about the contributions and impact made by people of the African diaspora.

The ZONE plans to hold many similarly-engaging events and activities through the next few months, including  a latin dance festival and healthy-relationship workshops. The ZONE is also looking for student volunteers to help create a Mural on Palisades Ave in April. Whether or not you would like personal/academic assistance, the ZONE is constantly offering new and exciting opportunities to learn about yourself, interact with others, and grow as a person.

The ZONE team is there to help students with personal or academic goals. Visit Room 237 to learn more.