Chemical Reactions Club Ignites Reactions

The Chemical Reactions Club’s emphasis on hands-on learning has allowed the club’s members to venture further into the rich field of chemistry.  

“I really didn’t expect the club to turn out this well,” sophomore Jarell Paul said. “With all my friends in there, I thought we would horse around, but we really have learned a lot through these unique experiments.”

In the three months the club has existed at DMAE, members have conducted a variety of experiments, such as using flash paper, doing flame tests with different elements, setting up bottled rockets, and even creating elephant toothpaste, which was the members’ favorite creation.

“Dr. Campagnolo has brought variety into the club,” said co-president Khalid Isahak. “I’m really glad I began to understand concepts like the ideal gas law in more depth through these experiments.”

The Chemical Reactions Club is one of approximately ten new clubs that began during the 2015-2016 school year.

“As the club takes place at the end of the day, I’d expect to be too tired to even stand up,” sophomore Shant Keshishian said. “I’m surprised that I am so active in this club.”

Chemistry is a required course for all DMAE sophomores. Since the class heavily focuses on formulas and procedures, many students find that the Chemical Reactions Club augments their retention of the material.

“I was struggling to do chemistry labs because they consisted of applying many concepts at once,” sophomore Edwin Campos said. “But once we reinforced the material through doing experiments in the club, I became more motivated and my average rose rapidly.”

Club co-founders Anik Subramanian and Khalid Isahak hope more students will become members next year.