Art on the Wall: King Hall’s Spring Makeover


Art teacher Mauricio Rodriguez and his students aspire to illuminate DMAE’s walls with more than simply posters and decorations.

“We’ve gotten requests,” Mr. Rodriguez said. “For example, Mr. Armetal said he wanted to liven up the hallways.”

And so they have. Under Mr. Rodriguez’s supervision, juniors Shorasool Shatursun and Josimar Lovera along with sophomores Sarah Khadraoui and Brian Escobar recently completed a mural that they started back in September. A vast assortment of bright hues and meticulously arranged strokes and dots create a beach and underwater scene on the walls right outside Mr. Rodriguez’s classroom door.

Students were glad to participate in creating the murals because they believe that art is often overshadowed by academics and sports at DMAE.

“I think this school should focus a little more on the arts rather than the technical sides, like all the academics and sports,” Josimar said.

With approval from administration, students can tackle any empty hallway to create an impressive mural for future students of DMAE to see.