Freshmen Show Spirit in DMAE UNICEF Club


With the objective to raise money and awareness, the leaders of the DMAE UNICEF Club wish to “spread the word” to help their cause: ridding the world of deaths caused by preventable diseases or circumstances.

UNICEF, or the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, is dedicated to raising money for the less fortunate. The club’s motto, “We Believe in Zero,” stands for the zero mortality rate of preventable causes that include malnourishment, lack of sanitary facilities, medication, vaccinations, and food.  UNICEF wishes to help those in need.

This school year the club has set the high goal for fundraising of $3,000. This is $500 more than earned last year. The UNICEF Club fundraises through bake sales, sweater sales, and holiday-themed sales.

“We know this is tough for a club with just 30 members which is why we encourage everybody to come out and support us by donating to UNICEF,” club vice president Isha Rauf said.

Among the many responsibilities of the leaders of the club, one of the most important ones, according to Isha, is motivation.

“We have to motivate the members to raise money and awareness as well as organizing the club with a clear schedule in order to meet our objectives.”

Freshmen members in particular have become motivated bye the cause of UNICEF and understand the importance of the motto and raising money.

“Many of our freshman take the club so seriously and are aware of the ways we can help people in need. They are going to make great future leaders,” said Isha.

The positions held in the UNICEF Club are president, junior Samuel Kim, vice president, Isha Rauf, treasurer, Daniela Moreano, and secretary,sophomore Jenny Zhang. They are always working toward their goal.

“The four of us work together on a daily basis to keep this club running,” Isha explained. She added that their advisor, Shawn Cyran, took over the club “out of the kindness of his heart.”

The members of the club, although very proud of their accomplishments, want to improve their fundraising skills and gain more attention and popularity. To do this, the DMAE UNICEF Club has begun a social media campaign on websites such as Instagram and Twitter. UNICEF accounts are: IG- @DMAEUNICEF Twitter- @DMAE_UNICEF. These social media accounts publicize their fundraising events as well as give-aways to random followers. To join the aid, follow the DMAE UNICEF Club on social media and keep up with its achievements and events.