DMAE Harlem Shake Video

It was during February 2013 that a 30-second dance was rife on the Internet, initiated by a song created by the electronic music artist known as Baauer. Students from schools all over the United States made and posted videos on Facebook and Youtube, and students from the DMAE campus made one as well.

With junior Jini Philip at the camera, the DMAE video depicts junior Aditya Bhalla, Prannoy Mohan, Parth Shah and Pratik Shah along with his younger brother showing their “moves” after a busy day of working on their school projects.

“We honestly didn’t plan this. One thing led to another and before we knew it, we were grabbing bright colored T-shirts from my closet, ready to do the Harlem Shake,” commented Pratik with a hearty laugh.

When Aditya posted the video on Facebook on February 16, 2013, he received over 100 likes.

Similar to all other Harlem Shake videos, it started off with a dancer thrusting his body into a group of preoccupied people. Then, all of a sudden, everyone followed suit, exploding into dance and doing his or her own thing.

But, who knew that this song would become an Internet craze when Baauer released it almost a year ago?

A mixture of hip-hop, house and crunk, the “Harlem Shake” is classified as Trap Music, a 21st Century genre that has recently gained popularity.

Although the music is modern and contemporary, the dance dates back to Harlem, New York, in the 1980s.

It is unquestionable that Harlem Shake shook America and the Internet for a good month.